• Jewellery Collections

    Having attended the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery to complete a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing, I graduated in 2006 with my first collection, ‘Frustration’ which consisted of lightweight stainless steel, 18ct gold and sterling silver wire structures, formed with the help of a laser welder. I was awarded a bursary from The Goldsmiths’ Company in 2006, which helped me to further the collection, making pieces that reflected emotion through form and line and the processes involved in its production.

    Shortly after completing my degree I was awarded the Marketing Birmingham’s Jewellery Student of the Year and had the opportunity to have my ‘Frustration’ collection modelled by Erin O’Connor.


    Without the use of a laser welder, I then went on to create a collection mainly from Sterling Silver, The ‘Patience’ collection, so named due to the multiple and repetitive tasks to create the final product. Their forms suggest the need for Patience due to intricate and elaborate embellishment but at the same time are organic.

    My most recent collection of jewellery The ‘Simplicity’ Collection is a more affordable range making use of shapes such as hearts, stars and hoops in hammered sterling silver. I make lightweight bangles, with charm like attachments, that jangle when worn. The best bit about these is that you can double or even triple up and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them. Stud earrings, necklaces and rings are also all available in matching designs, so you can pair pieces up.

    Take a look at this collection or view pieces available to purchase in my online shop.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission or order, please use my contact page to get in touch.